The church

It is an almost square building of 8.5 x 9 meters, made of mudbrick, with three aisles and remains of a construction consisting of arches that supported a central dome. The central, cross in square plan of the building suggests a date not earlier than the 10th century [Godlewski 2006].


Plan of the church in Masida after Osman and Edwards 2011:160

Condition of the building:
Comparison between photographs taken at the beginning of the century, in 2002 and in 2015, shows that the building is rapidly deteriorating and that in some places about half a meter of wall has collapsed (Figs. 3, 5). This is due to a number of factors:
– erosion by wind and rain;
– illegal digging;
– damage by visitors who have been climbing on walls.
This rapid deterioration is an urgent reason to undertake investigations and conservation work.

View from the SW, 1993 (photo: B. ┼╗urawski).