The People and village of Miseeda

The village of Miseeda.

Approximately 1 km north of the church, located on a side arm of the Nile, is the village of Miseeda. This is the place that will be home to the team during the fieldwork and where we hope to cooperate with the local population. This involvement is in fact an indispensible part of our project. The archaeological monuments of the region play an important role in the collective memory of the people and the cultural awareness of their Nubian identity. The cultural anthropologist of our team, Maciej Kurcz, will interview people from Miseeda and other villages to learn more about the role that the church and other monuments play in the local traditions. The results of our research deserve a place in the local community, so we will inform the children and grown-ups regularly about our activities. The local school plays an important role in education in general, and for this reason we consider it a focal point in our contacts with Miseeda. We hope that the children that are going there now will be tomorrow’s guardians of Nubia’s cultural heritage. After our project will be finished, and the church restored and protected, the people of Miseeda will be the ones to take care of it and this is one of the reasons to involve them now.

Meeting children at the school.