The site of Miseeda

The site of Miseeda (Masida), in Sudanese Nubia, is located in a landscape littered with rocks of volcanic origin, a part of the barrier that forms the Third Cataract.
The region of the Third Cataract, overlapping in large parts with the Mahas-region, is an area rich in unexplored sites and monuments. A general survey, carried out between 1991 and 2002 under direction of Ali Osman and David Edwards, has shown the archaeological importance of this region as a frontier-area between medieval Nobadia and Makuria, a region of transit and exchange of cultural influences .

Location of study area: on the left a satellite image of the Third Cataract region [GoogleEarth]; on the right a map of Nubia with the location of Miseeda in relation to the territory of the kingdoms of Nobadia and Makuria and their capitals.